2010年3月30日 星期二


Don't listen to the hearts of the world - the answer lies within. You know the truth.

Have you ever heard of a place called Dire Maul?

Aye, but I know it by its true name - Eldre'Thalas. It was a bastion of magical power for the night elves many, many years ago.
You know of Eldre'Thalas, young one? One might say that is coincidental to my current plight... but I am one not to believe in coincidence.

Why do you say that this is a coincidence, Rabine?

Agents of the Cenarion Circle have uncovered disturbing information pertaining to the current situation in Eldre'Thalas. I am at an impasse as to what to do about it, and I will no doubt soon seek the aid of able bodied beings capable of handling themselves in a fight.
To properly take action in Eldre'Thalas, however, is to understand the lore of an object know as the Fruit of Fertility.

The Fruit of Fertility?

In ages past, Eldre'Thalas was a nexus of magical power, and those who dwelt within its hallowed halls wielded immense power. One such night elf was Millicent Serene - a naturalist who willed the power of nature itself into potent artifacts she forged.
The Fruit of Fertility was her crowning achievement... she used a specially prepared moonwell to grow an exotic and vibrant vine that was imbued with an aura of protection and growth. All of Eldre'Thalas flourished from its existence.

But something went wrong, didn't it?

Alas it always seems like it does. I - as did the rest of the Cenarion Circle - had assumed that Milli's creation was destroyed during the War of the Ancients. This, as I have come to learn, is far from correct.
The Fruit of Fertility survived... though now it is know as the Felvine. It is being corrupted by the demonic lord of that section of Eldre'Thalas, Alzzin the Wildshaper.

What would happen if the Fruit of Fertility - or the Felvine - was allowed to be fully corrupted?

I... cannot begin to imagine, <name>. All I know is that I am not going to allow it to happen. It will be destroyed - if not for our continued safety from demonic taint, then for the memory of Millicent Serene... Milli....

This, my friend, this is where I hope you will come in.

What would you have me do, Rabine?

Speak with me, <name> - if you are willing, the Cenarion Circle would eargerly accept your generous offer of aid. The threat posed by the Felvine of Eldre'Thalas is indeed dire.

Quest: A Reliquary of Purity.

The first step is to find a container capable of holding an extremely corruptible substance without the handler suffering ill effects. There is only one sort device I am aware of that could possibly contain something as vile as the Felvine: a Reliquary of Purity.

Deep in the wasteland of Silithus is the remnants of the night elf village known as Southwind. I know one was there many, many years ago. If we are to succeed, I need you to scour those ruins in the hopes of reclaiming it.

A Reliquary of Purity is an artifact unto itself. Few were ever made, and almost all of them were thought to have been lost over time.

I admit I have known about the one in Southwind for a little while now. Honestly, with the rising turmoil in Silithus, I thought to keep our secrets just that - a secret. To poke and prod would only cause suspicions of our enemies to rise.

Alas, the time for complacency is at an end, especially with the situation in Eldre'Thalas.

Quest: A Reliquary of Purity。

Indeed, you are as resourceful as many claim. The Cenarion Circle is blessed to have you working in our stead.

With the Reliquary once more in our hands, my mind is at ease. I feel more comfortable asking you to not only face down a malfeasant demon, but also to bring back a dangerous item in the process...

Quest: Shards of the Felvine.

Your knowledge of Eldre'Thalas - Dire Maul - in Feralas will now come into play, <name>. In the eastern part of the ruined city is where Alzzin the Wildshaper has exerted his corrupt dominion. Go there with all due haste and brave whatever challenges await you.

The Fruit of Fertility, now corrupted as the Felvine, should be close to Alzzin. When he falls, capture whatever essence of the Felvine you can. Seal it in the Reliquary, and bring it to me.

Good luck, and Cenarion's speed.

With the Sealed Reliquary of Purity in our possession, it will be possible not only to remove a corrupting threat from the world but also to study it under our judicious watch. Perhaps we can even devise new means to combat the taint of corruption that ever threatens Azeroth.

I know Milli would have had it no other way...

Quest: Shards of the Felvine.

It is done, brave <class>, and with that the Cenarion Circle is in your debt. Though the war is far from over, a great battle has been won against those who would bring about our doom.

Please - accept this as a token of our enduring gratitude. Know that you are welcomed here as a hero of the Cenarion Circle for your great deed, <name>. Thank you.